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Les portraits sont superbes !


Some extremely powerful images.


This is the first time I've learned about this tradition. It's very interesting Sidney. Great photos!


wow, these photos are amazing!
it was really shocking to see at first, but many of wester culture may also be thought of as "wierd" as well.

your photos really capture the depth and innocence all at the same time.


Initially a bit alarming when we see boys with homemade "face mask", hoods and bonnets. But when I saw the second photo, made it light, it is funny because he made sure that he has "eye brows" on his mask :)


the pictures leave, to me, a grim impression, like they're just boys, but they seem to be planning something bad.


Like these masked kid photos.
Good warm up to what is coming.

Gérard Méry

çà doit faire peur aux petits enfants ?


Some lovely shots & the second shot has been really wonderful...well done!


Sidney, I think the second image is probably ranking amongst the best images I have ever seen from you. Lovely series but that second image is just a perfect capture and masterpeice



they are dehumanizing themselves!


The second picture says it all.

Ashish Sidapara

Love the 2nd shot, superb series!


I too find this incomprehensible. First of all, where are the adults? These are all kids! Why are the parents not supervising these children? Furthermore, isn't it punishment enough to live in a country with a flagrantly and inherently corrupt government. These people also live in dire economic conditions. The typhoons, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, poverty, hunger, lack of education and rampant exposure to crime is punishment enough! These children ought to stay away from self-inflicted wounds.


YOu are now a very accomplished photo journalist, Sidney :) Nice pics :)


Excellent photos and write up about the tradition :)


Nice series of shots. I am quite surprised that I never heard of this tradition or ritual before

Otto K.

Great set, Sidney.


Comment on the previous post, same series (couldn't get a comment posted this afternoon):
I don't understand the part of rolling on the "burning" ground (I'll come back to see if you maybe could catch that too), besides that this ritual is very uncomprehensive for me, should need to read (some day, it is not on the top of my agenda :-) more about self-punishment in order to understand. The photos are great, as if you made them while hidden away.


Excellent set of images.But the second one is the most remarkable.maybe it's the eyes that's very expressive and the colors as well.


Great and impact photos. Good job as always!


excellent shots. but the second photo did it for me. is that great or what?

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